Laser Cleaner - 3000 Watts

Let’s take a look at the most important benefits of laser cleaning:
* No shielding needed for particles flying around (which is the case with sandblasting)
* No harmful waste
* No noise pollution
* No damage or wear to the underlying material.

Our machines can be rented for short term as well as for long term. Make sure to contact us so we can discuss your project together. We’ll find a solution that works for you and is affordable as well.

You can find some examples in the list below, but all the pollutants that meet the above requirements are eligible:
* Rust
* Paint
* Varnish
* Glue
* Fat
* Oil
* Plastics
* Food residues
* Oxidation layer
* Teflon and other non-stick coatings
* PVD coatings
* Mold release agent
* Rubber
* Ink

Power: 3000 Watts
Dimensions: 850mm*700mm*880mm

We do offer rent to buy. If you decide to buy the machine, 100% reduction on hire from week 2+

Dimensions: 141cm x 76cm x 132 cm | 260kg

500.00 500.0 AUD per Day

Not Available For Sale

    Rental Period
    1 Day
    Total 500.00

    This combination does not exist.

    laser cleaning hire equipment
    1 Day $ 500.00
    1 Week $ 1,100.00
    1 Month $ 4,125.00